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Adrienne L. Murphy


Integrative Special Needs Consultant

Recording Artist

Keynote Speaker

Yoga Teacher

Album release

October 26, 2019


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I am a mom and a therapist.

The Adrienne Process evolved out of my own personal journey with my child and the hundreds of children in my speech therapy practice who have faced similar challenges. This integrative program uncovers the outcomes you want for you and your unique child.



Weekly Individual Parent Consultations via Skype/Zoom



Education via Monthly Zoom Webinars, Newsletters and E-books On Pertinent Special Needs Topics



Heartsongs of the Rainbow Album

Online course for accompanying curriculum coming soon

Find Your Wings And Fly

The Adrienne Process is an integrated program that prepares parents of children with special needs to get READY to embark on a new journey of profound transformation. 

The Adrienne Process “Toolkit” is able to SET the stage for parents of children with special needs to receive the essential ingredients for transformation: support, education and empowerment.

The Adrienne Process sparks the hope that transformation is possible for every child to GO and achieve limitless possibilities in reaching his/her highest potential.



Complimentary Thirty Minute Phone Consultation

to see if The Adrienne Process is right for you


She was not just a therapist but a cheerleader, and the passion she brought to her work was contagious. We have since had many therapists in our lives, but Adrienne is the hardest-working, most dedicated, and knowledgeable professional we’ve had the pleasure of working with
— Samantha A.
She was my therapist, confidante, yoga instructor, and advocate... all while teaching my child how to speak. She truly has a gift, I am grateful that she chooses to share it.
— Kelly C.
Adrienne has an amazing gift both intuitively and rationally. We trust and respect her opinion and advice and have a great appreciation for her. We think she has found her natural calling in life by working and helping children be their best and reach their full potential!
— The Marque Family

 All children, regardless of diagnosis/disorder, are capable of authentic self-expression and the achievement of their highest potential while experiencing love, acceptance and support during this process.



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The Blog

This information helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggles with your child. This is your place to learn useful tips and strategies to instill HOPE (Help Optimize Positive Engagement).

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.
— Thich Nhat Hanh