Adrienne is a compassionate and dedicated professional who integrates all of her gifts to serve parents of children with special needs. It is the unique combination of her clinical expertise as a veteran Speech-Language Pathologist, her artistry as a singer/songwriter and as a Healing Arts Professional in the areas of Yoga and Energy Healing that sets Adrienne apart. Adrienne uses her integrative approach, The Adrienne Process, to provide parents the specific “tools” for positive engagement with their unique child.


Parents learn to navigate the complex educational and medical system. Adrienne provides targeted strategies to yield the best possible outcomes for children.

THE ADRIENNE PROCESS evolved out of my own personal journey with my child and the hundreds of children in my speech therapy practice who have faced similar challenges.

My clients enjoy an integrative process which includes yoga, energy work, and singing therapy. “Heartsongs of the Rainbow”, my first album, will be released in the Fall 2019.



The Adrienne Process gives parents the tools to transform. This integrative program shows parents how to have fun and enjoy the everyday moments while facilitating their child’s developmental growth.


The Adrienne Process Action Steps:

Attract the right support team.

Desire only the best. Never settle.

Realize that growth is a process and not a destination.

• Intend consciously. Manifest the outcomes you want for you and your child.

Engage with your child at his/her level through play and creative arts.

Notice and become the observer of your child’s behavior.

Nuances and subtleties are embraced with curiosity, not with fear or shame.

Execute the therapeutic and educational plan with confidence.


The Adrienne Process Outcomes:

• Streamline medical and educational information.

• Decide on the best treatment options (alternative and conventional).

• Incorporate Mindfulness Training.

• Implement action steps and achieve greater outcomes.

• Enjoy access to the “Toolkit”.

• Enjoy education and empowerment and achieve the highest potential for you and your child’s growth and development.




• Embrace a new story with your child.

• Experience more fun, joy and happiness.

• Organize and prioritize all aspects of your child’s medical and educational care with the right team of professionals.

• Experience greater self-care.

• Enjoy enhanced social interaction with your child.

• Gain greater self-empowerment through education and Mindfulness Training.

• Streamline therapeutic modalities with greater efficiency.

• Become a more conscious and loving parent.

• Enjoy a greater sense of creativity in life.

• Give yourself the opportunity to soar like a butterfly with your child.