The Personal Guide for Parents

weekly Individual Professional consultations

What if I told you that you can access HOPE (Help Optimize Positive Engagement) and FAITH (Forward Action In Transforming Health) when you go within yourself, think outside the box and believe that you are the CEO of your child’s care?

My clients enjoy an integrative process which includes yoga, energy work and singing therapy.



In a one hour weekly call parents will be trained to:

• Embrace their role as an advocate for their child

• Create a routine for the home

• Define a routine for transitions

• Design storyboards

• Identify alternative therapies

This service also includes:

• Online course includes The Adrienne Process curriculum for music album (coming soon)

• Monthly newsletter loaded with resources

• Adrienne’s ebooks

• Monthly Zoom Webinars

• New book for children coming 2020

• The Adrienne Process Brunch coming monthly



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